Order, Return & Exchange Policy

Order, Return & Exchange Policy

Order Policy

  1. All Orders need to be made via our website www.shopatjashn.com
  2. All Orders shall be processed only after the same has been confirmed on call for new customers or may be treated as confirm orders if from verified number (customer)
  3. The Order delivery date will be estimated as per mentioned on the Final Order Slip. This can be seen at Checkout Page or Order Detail on website (https://www.shopatjashn.com/customer/orders). Same shall also be send via email (If provided).
  4. All Returns shall be process only from the website only, as per the return policy. To return a product, you must sign in before placing the order.
  5. In case of prepayment, the order shall only be processed once the payment has been received by us. Payment confirmation shall be sent via SMS or email. For easy process please share the payment voucher (Screenshot or deposit slip) with us, via social media account, Email, or website live chat with your order number. Any payments if not verified can, result in the delay in order processing.
  6. On confirming the order, Jashn understands that you have seen and read all details provided about the product (such as Color, Fabric, Size, Price, Real Image & Delivery date).
  7. On confirming the order, Jashn understands that you have seen and read our Terms & Conditions of the website.
  8. Jashn has the right to cancel any order, if it looks or seems likes a spam or fake order. Any cancellation will be informed by SMS or Email. For details on the same, it can be viewed in My Order in Customer Account Section (https://www.shopatjashn.com/customer/orders).


Return Policy

To Qualify for return policy, all orders needs to be made after you have signed in on our website (www.shopatjashn.com). To return a product you need to visit the following link, https://www.shopatjashn.com/customer/orders

A Customer has the right to return the order received on any of the below reasons

  1. If product quality is not as mentioned on the product description (this clause does not include personal view or opinion, but general view of the product. This Clause does not apply if real image for the same has been shared on our website, social media accounts)
  2. If size does not fit (In this case, the product will be exchanged once the order has been returned back to us within 7 working days)
  3. If the product received is in damage condition.
  4. If product received is different than mentioned when placing the order (This Clause does not apply if real image for the same has been shared on our website, social media accounts)

In case of any returns, it must be processed from the website (My accounts> Orders).

  1. Steps for Return
    The Customer shall request for return from the Order Section from the website. You will need to visit https://www.shopatjashn.com/customer/orders
  2. Click on the related Order Number and click on Return next to the product, you wish to return. Do note this must be done within 72 hours of receiving the order (From Date of Delivery). Incase if the order has not been updated as delivered, please wait for 1 days or call the customer care number for assistance.
  3. The customer will be led to a second page, where they can see the order number, product name, product net price (Price after discounts).
  4. Here they will need to chose the reason for return along with at least one image of the product received.
  5. The customer care shall respond to within 2 working days.
  6. For Update on your return, please refer with the return request number.

Do note your request is subjected to being approved based on the reason provided and its validity. The status of the return request shall be sent to you via SMS or Email. For more details you can always see the same on https://www.shopatjashn.com/customer/return-requests

Jashn holds the final decision to approve the request or not. The customer does have the right to contest the same in the court of law.

On Approvable of Returns the following steps needs to be followed.

  1. You need to apply for returns claims within 72 hours of receiving the order, else it will be not be considered.
  2. The Product must be sent back to us in its original packaging along with any tags, vouchers received and Invoice with the order. Jashn has the right to cancel the return request if the products have not been received in full.
  3. The ordered product needs to be sent back to us at our office once the return has been approved within 7 working days, via courier or drop. The receipt of the same needs to be send us via email.
    1. Gajanan Enterprises
      Radhe Krishnamarg, Pokhariya
      Biratnagar – 1
      Morang (Nepal)
    2. The charges for the return packet will be reimbursed by Jashn (based on our courier rates) unless it falls under Return Reason 2 (Size does not fit)
  4. If the product has not been received back in its original condition with all original packing, tags, invoice and vouchers send along with the order. If worn, used or damaged, we shall not process the return.

Failed Delivery Reason

  1. Customer not available at the time of delivery. The courier office has returned us the packet cause the customer was not available at the time of delivery
  2. The Phone of the customer is not available once the order is ready for courier

Other Order Cancelled Reason

  1. Product has gone out of stock
  2. Time taken is more than stated
  3. Product is different
  4. Product is damaged
  5. Size does not fit
  6. Spam or Fake order

Offer & Coupon T&C

  1. Offers and Coupons are valid only for orders placed on our website, www.shopatjashn.com
  2. No Two Offers can be clubbed together.
  3. No Two Coupons can be clubbed together.
  4. The programing is coded in a way to select the best offer for the customer. The calculation done by the website is considered as the final offer price.
  5. Jashn Management has the right to stop any ongoing offers at any given time. All orders already received before this will not be changed and the offer and discounts will be given as per the commitment.
  6. If the order needs to be exchanged, the same offer or discount, may or not be available.

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